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Will the Austin-San Antonio area become the new Dallas-Ft. Worth? New census data shows that Hays and Comal Counties are among the fastest growing in the country. Both grew by around four percent last year, which has some mayors and city planners considering the possibility of a new mega-region.

It's lunchtime at a company called LifeSize in Austin, Texas. A dozen employees are playing beach volleyball on a sand court next to the parking garage behind their offices. Corrine Heery, a 28-year-old financial analyst, says she loves the "midday endorphin rush." And that it enhances her bragging rights when discussing her work with friends. "It's not just the business side, it's this side too — people getting along and playing fun sports," she says.

Austin, Texas, is known for its massive music festivals, like SXSW and Austin City Limits. But alongside these epic, world-renowned events are some hidden gems.

The San Antonio Spurs may not have rock star players like LeBron James – they don't have the resources. They might not have the youngest lineup, either (to say the least). And no, they're not flashy.

This week, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum in Austin, Texas, is holding a major conference on civil rights. It's a big deal. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Johnson's signing of the Civil Rights Act. The legacy of the landmark legislation is as significant and complicated as that of the late president himself, who cajoled, cornered and courted lawmakers to approve the bill.