In-studio sessions from the Back 40 of the TPR offices featuring audio, video, and interviews with the performers. Enjoy the diverse sounds of South Texas!

Nathan Cone


Verisimilitude, a playful instrumental trio from Leon Valley, is the Curly Sue of the San Antonio music scene. They’re counter-cultured, technically remarkable and skilled kids. Listening to their highly syncopated, start-stop-turn-on-a-dime songs, it’s a little hard to believe when lead guitarist Zach Appelbaum says, “I don't know how to read music on guitar. I don't know most of the notes I play. I don't even know what scales really are. Like, I can’t play you a G minor on the spot.” But that’s not to say they don’t know what they’re doing.

A seasoned member of the San Antonio music scene, Laura Marie has been playing gigs as a singer/songwriter for nearly twenty years. In the late 1990s, she and a few of her musician friends started a band called Sofa Kingdom. When that project dissolved in the early 2000s, she struck out on her own and has been performing solo ever since.

In Studio: A Conversation With Alyson Alonzo

Jul 24, 2015
Nathan Cone

San Antonio native Alyson Alonzo visited our studios late one afternoon after nearly all the staff had gone home for the night. The building was quiet and the rich evening sun poured in through the windows. The setting seemed to fit Alyson’s style to the nines; her vintage voice and dichotomized new-wave beats blended into the caramelized evening. After her short set (you can listen and watch below), she sat down with us for an interview where she discussed her vocal techniques, musical influences and family history.

Nathan Cone

San Antonio rapper Chris Conde wears many hats, all of which influence his music. He’s a drag queen, recovering addict, musical connoisseur, lyrical genius, and an astute musician who calls San Antonio home after growing up pretty much around the world, having been born here into a military family. He returned to San Antonio a little over six years ago.

Nathan Cone

Electronic power-soul group Femina-X might be the result of a friendly happenstance that brought two musicians together through music. Before he even thought of starting a band with Daniela Riojas, guitarist Alex Scheel says the two struck up a friendship. Riojas explains, “We were getting to know each other and we were communicating through music. We would make little songs together and [Alex] was teaching me a lot about music programs so we could program stuff together. It was very natural.”