San Antonio River Authority

A nightly downtown event is both one of the city's most remarkable and one of its least known. During the warm months, if you look skyward at I-35 and Camden Streets, a certain sight will take your breath away.

From Texas Standard:

You've probably heard bats by the hundreds, flying out of a cave or from under a bridge. But have you heard a bat solo, squeaking to be fed?

"She can chew and talk all at the same time," Dianne Odegard says, talking to the female bat she's feeding. "It’s the middle of the day, you’re not that hungry."

Metro Health Seeks Man Exposed To Rabies

Apr 5, 2016
Ralph Arvesen

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is asking the public’s help in locating a man who was recently exposed to rabies, but may not know it.

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On Thursday, April 21, the Cibolo Nature Center presents its Environmental Stewardship Awards. Ecologist and bat conservationist Merlin Tuttle will be the keynote speaker, TPR members can receive a special discount to the event itself, and are also invited to a pre-event reception featuring Freetail Brewing Co. beer, wine from Kerrville Hills Winery, and light snacks courtesy of Cibolo Nature Center.

San Antonio River Authority

It’s that time of the year again—time for lots and lots of insects. It’s also time to celebrate a San Antonio critter that loves to dine on them--bats. And at a certain place downtown, there are lots of them. 

“We discovered this bat colony when the San Antonio River Authority was constructing the Museum Reach,” says SARA's Kayla Gasker, talking about bats that live under the stretch of I-35 between the Pearl Development and the San Antonio Museum of Art.