Bexar County

Bexar County

Bexar County has a new website designed to help save lives by letting people know when low water crossings become flooded.

Public Works Director Renee Green addressed Commissioners Court on Tuesday about the High water Alert Lifesaving Technology, or HALT website.

“Each one of these green dots obviously represents one of those sites and the individual citizens can go in and subscribe to the site. They can click on the dot that interests them and they can get email and text notifications when that site becomes active," Green says.

The ‘San Antonio Four' are four lesbian women convicted of sexually abusing two young girls in the 90s. They spent years behind bars but have since been paroled or released on bail amid new evidence--and they await hearings with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Their story is the subject of a new documentary called 'Southwest of Salem', which shows  how homophobia and hysteria about so-called ‘ritual abuse’ played into the prosecution. The film’s director Deborah Esquinazi told Texas Public Radio’s Aaron Schrank what pulled her in to this strange San Antonio story.

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Despite a staff recommendation for a different security company for Bexar County and one commissioner believing there's a conflict of interest; Commissioners Court renewed a contract with the current company, Blue Armor Security Services as a cost-saving measure.

County staff on Tuesday had recommended AMTEX to handle security for nearly $1.2 million a year for two years with the option of three one-year extensions.

Bexar County

People who live in the South Bexar County subdivision of Highland Oaks and others will be getting improvements made to their streets. Residents have been complaining for years that their roads are not paved, leading to delays for emergency responders and lack of mail service and school buses.

Bexar County Public Works Director Renee Green took a look at the roads and presented her findings to Commissioners Court on Tuesday.