Blue Star Contemporary Art

Mobile Om

The weekend looms large, with drama, art, and even yoga ... in a very unusual place. First, on Saturday let's head to the Frida Festival. Janie Villareal McClinchie is producing it.

"It's going to be at the Brick, which is located at the Blue Star Gallery."

The inspiration behind the festival is Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. McClinchie explains the connection.

Jack Morgan

In case you wonder whether or not you spend too much time tinkering on your smart phone, your tablet, on Facebook or Twitter, a new Blue Star exhibit suggests—you’re right—you do! I put down my Iphone long enough to file this story.

“My name’s Tommy Gregory; I’m a Houston-based artist.”

As I approached Gregory at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, he was—you guessed it—on his Iphone. But minutes later, that changed.

“I’m giving, quite literally, my device.”

Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan / TPR Arts

Blue Star has opened yet another new exhibit. It's called "Dark and Lovely," and it has an interesting premise.

"Dark and Lovely explores issues of identity by exploring hair, and how those tiny, delicate strands have the power to identify us to the world," said Jennifer Ling Datchuk, the artist behind the exhibit. And to her, hair is a really big deal.

Courtesy of the artist, Catherine Lee

A new exhibit opened at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum featuring the work of artist Catherine Lee.  The large central gallery of the Blue Star was filled with a distinct variety of different kinds of art.
The exhibit is called Emergence, and it’s an overview of Lee's 45-year art career. Lee described what's there.

“There are three-dimensional works in the middle of the space that move around in the space. There are paintings on the wall. There are sculptures on the wall. There are metal pieces and delicate paper pieces. A real breadth of things,” she said.

Justin Boyd

San Antonio artist Justin Boyd has started his residency program in Germany. I reached the Southwest School of Art’s teacher and artist via Skype.

“I’m speaking from the Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, and it’s in an area of Berlin called Kreutzberg,” he said.

Kunstlerhaus is the international cultural center that’s hosting Boyd’s artistic residency, and as Boyd explained, there are many other artists there as well: “There’s artists here from Korea, from Japan, Denmark."

But there’s only one from the USA. Him.