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In the past two years, 171 Texas children have died from abuse and neglect while in the state’s care. And tempers flared Wednesday as state lawmakers discussed how to fix Texas’ broken child care system.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

A second woman has been charged in a Bexar County child abuse case in which two toddlers were found bound in a backyard.  Six others children were unsupervised inside the home.  Investigators are still trying to determine the circumstances that led to the abuse.

The investigation has so far resulted in two mothers being jailed on child abuse charges. There’s now an arrest warrant for the father of some of the children. All eight children are now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Eight San Antonio children are in the custody of Child Protective Services after Bexar County sheriff’s deputies found two toddlers chained in a backyard on the city’s northeast side.

The home at the corner of Chipping Drive and Stockport is one of several connected housing units. On Thursday neighbors heard the cries of a toddler.

“We had heard it earlier in the day and then we had left, and when we came back you could still hear the baby crying,” said Chris Clanton, who lives four houses away.

From Texas Standard:

There's a new acronym Texans may want to memorize – PEI, or Prevention and Early Intervention. Instead of sending kids into foster care, the state is now aiming to prevent abuse and neglect altogether.

All the parents listening in: have you ever felt like you're not doing a good job?

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Decades of abuse, neglect and death have resulted in a Federal Judge ordering Texas to fix its broken Foster Care program. Judge Janis Graham Jack says the system is turning out kids more broken than when they went in and earlier this month ordered the state to overhaul a program that houses 12,000 children. 

Impossible workloads for the Department of Family and Protective Services case workers have resulted in high turnover rates, lackluster investigations, and kids being shuttled around often and unsafely.

DFPS for its part offered the following statement: