Say what you will of Christmas songs, but there are some that have found the formula to worldwide appeal. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers has a list of the top 25 most played and recorded holiday songs.

And as Joy Diaz, of Here & Now contributor KUT, reports, there’s only one bilingual song on the list: “Feliz Navidad.” José Feliciano, the musician behind it, is more than a singer – he’s a political figure.

His resume is unimpeachable and he has great approval ratings. Santa Claus sounds like the perfect candidate — so what if he ran for president? That's the central question in this work of audio fiction by the podcast The Truth

The story begins at the North Pole, where two mysterious strangers have just arrived by sled to Santa's office.

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What makes for a truly merry Christmas? Is your time better spent picking perfect, personalized gifts and decorating your home, or enjoying holiday cheer with family and friends?

Christmas is a time for coming together with family and loved ones. Some 200 years ago, it was also a time to get stinking drunk in public.