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The Source - November 17, 2014
1:57 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

The Source: City Proposes Big Annexation

Credit City of San Antonio / cc

San Antonio could become the fifth largest city by population in the country by 2020 if they annex five key Bexar county areas. The proposal was made last Wednesday by John Dugan, the head of the Department of Planning and Community Development to city council.

Currently seventh in the country with 1.3 million residents the proposal would add 66 sq. miles and about 200,000 people. In less than 10 years the city would be around 1.7 millions according to city estimates. The annexation would represent the biggest addition to the city in nearly 20 years

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The Source - September 16, 2014
1:36 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

The Source: Office Of Sustainability Under Scrutiny

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Last week the Office of Sustainability came under fire unexpectedly from District 9 city council member Joe Krier.

The suburban Krier has called for the elimination of the office.

The office is tasked with improving alternative transportation, like helping the city's popular B-cycle program expand, as well as energy conservation and sustainability projects. 

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The Source - September 15, 2014
4:45 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

The Source: Sculley's Role Under New Mayor

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Big changes at city hall mean different priorities, different personalities and different roles.

While there was a comfortable collaboration between Mayors Phil Hardberger and Julian Castro, what does the dynamic look like now for City Manager Sheryl Sculley?

There have been changes in course on major projects like streetcar and Mayor Ivy Taylor went around the City's negotiating team to restart talks with public safety unions.

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City Government
10:21 pm
Wed September 10, 2014

Interim Councilwoman Aguirre-Rodriguez Suspends District 7 Staff

Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez reorganized her staff Wednesday, suspending the chief of staff and policy adviser.
Credit City of San Antonio

Interim Councilwoman Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez is shaking her staff up at city hall, calling for suspensions of top aides in the office and the reassignment of others. Derek Roberts, the chief of staff, and Colin Strother, the senior adviser, have been restricted from city hall and the men say their access to the computer system has been shut off.

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The Source - September 8, 2014
2:22 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

The Source: Threat To Public Safety? Giving To Panhandlers May Soon Get You Ticketed

Credit Robert Baker "kennethkonica" / cc

Last week San Antonio Police Chief William McManus pitched city council an ordinance rewrite that would allow police to ticket people who give to panhandlers on San Antonio streets.

Support in council is divided on the proposal; some see it as a freedom of speech issue, while others note high complaints about panhandlers from constituents. 

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City Government
12:24 pm
Mon September 8, 2014

Tightened Panhandling Proposal May Not Get Enough Support To Move Forward

Credit City of San Antonio

The debate is heating up over San Antonio Police Chief William McManus' proposal to tighten the city's panhandling ordinance.

The issue, which was presented to the council's public safety committee in early September, will again be heard by the same committee in October. But it's not being received well by some sitting members of the committee.

District 9 Councilman Joe Krier believes that the ordinance may be at odds with freedom of speech and that people can express their right to give a buck to someone if they want.

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City Government
3:24 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

Council Puts Future Of San Antonio Streetcar In The Hands Of Voters

Voters will head to the ballot box in May 2015 to decide if they want a say in any future streetcar proposal.
Credit VIA Metropolitan Transit

Voters will get the chance to vote on whether they would like to vote on any future streetcar project in San Antonio.

Thursday, the San Antonio City Council approved a charter amendment election for May 2015, following a recommendation by the council's governance committee to iron out the kinks of the election language.

When voters arrive to the ballot box next May, they will see Proposition 1, which will ask: 

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City Government
11:55 am
Thu August 28, 2014

Should San Antonio Further Limit Cell Phone Use While Driving?

Councilman Mike Gallagher is proposing tightening the texting while driving ban in San Antonio to only hands-free use.
Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

San Antonio’s texting-while-driving ban is four years old and some city officials, like District 10 Councilman Mike Gallagher, don’t think it is working well enough.

Last week Gallagher proposed revising the current cell phone ordinance, which prohibits use of a mobile phone except for dialing or talking, to make it even stricter.

Gallagher’s proposal is to prohibit use of mobile phones entirely, except for in a hands-free capacity. A news release outlined the councilman's concerns that more than 90,000 crashes across the state in 2012 were linked to distracted driving. 

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City Government
2:55 pm
Wed August 27, 2014

Non-Discrimination Ordinance Complaint Website Set To Launch Sept. 4

Councilman Ray Lopez at the city council meeting on Sept. 5, 2013, when the council voted to approve the update to the non-discrimination ordinance.
Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

The city of San Antonio's mechanism for filing a complaint under the revised non-discrimination ordinance is just about ready to launch.

Nearly one year to the day that city council passed the updated NDO, which adds sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status to the list of protected classes in the city, the website where people can file complaints will go live. The council voted to favor the ordinance on Sept. 5, 2013.

Deputy City Attorney Veronica Zertuche said Wednesday the website will launch next week on Sept. 4.

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Charter Amendment
4:36 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

Streetcar Charter Amendment Heads To Full Council

A draft of the charter amendment approved without changes.
Joey Palacios Texas Public Radio

An amendment to the city charter regarding a public vote for future streetcar and lightrail funding is heading to the city council.

A governance committee comprised of Mayor Ivy Taylor and four council members voted to approve the one sentence amendment. The first step of putting the streetcar amendment on the ballot has passed.

Abbreviated, it states that any grant of permission to alter or damage any public way for streetcar or lightrail tracks or any funds or bonds appropriated for such projects must be approved by a majority of voters.

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