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San Antonio Councilmember Robert Trevino is accusing Uber of backing out of a deal he says the transportation company and the City struck together in March.


The District 1 councilman says Uber helped draft the final ordinance as the City sought to keep them in San Antonio, then did an about face and decided to leave.


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UPDATE: The Council has passed Proposition 2 sending the measure to voters. District 9 Councilmember Joe Krier was the only dissent. A separate amendment, Proposition 3, was put aside for now. Prop 3 dictated the council would receive a raise every ten years based on census data.

San Antonio’s city council members could receive a salary, pending voter approval. Today, the council will decide whether to put that item on the ballot in the form of a charter amendment.

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  The San Antonio Charter, the constitution of the city, is up for review, and the final recommendations could mean big changes ahead. 

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San Antonio could become the fifth largest city by population in the country by 2020 if they annex five key Bexar county areas. The proposal was made last Wednesday by John Dugan, the head of the Department of Planning and Community Development, to city council.

Currently seventh in the country with 1.3 million residents, the proposal would add 66 sq. miles and about 200,000 people. In less than 10 years the city would be around 1.7 million according to city estimates. The annexation would represent the biggest addition to the city in nearly 20 years

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Last week the Office of Sustainability came under fire unexpectedly from District 9 city council member Joe Krier.

The suburban Krier has called for the elimination of the office.

The office is tasked with improving alternative transportation, like helping the city's popular B-cycle program expand, as well as energy conservation and sustainability projects.