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The Renaissance Guild

From Mozart to Barbershop to music from the Chitlin' Circuit, we've found that there's a lot going on this weekend. Starting with tonight and tomorrow there's a whole lot o' singin' going on.

"We've brought about 2100 people from all over the country to spend a weekend making music together."

Bryan Lynch is talking about the Barbershop Harmony Convention--which is a member event--but they also perform for the general public.

For nearly five decades, Daniel Barenboim has been making a case for the symphonies of Anton Bruckner. Tonight at Carnegie Hall, the conductor begins a complete cycle of Bruckner's nine numbered symphonies, leading the storied Staatskapelle Berlin.

The pipe organ dates back to ancient Greece. It has grown ever more complicated and ever more associated with Christianity.

But virtuoso organist Cameron Carpenter (@CameronOrganist) is on a mission to change the whole organ world, from its religious ties to archaic technology. Carpenter spoke with Here & Now‘s Robin Young ahead of his performance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

The composer, pianist and drummer Yoshiki (@YoshikiOfficial) is the founder of X Japan, one of Japan’s biggest rock groups.

But he also has a longtime love of classical music: he started playing piano when he was 4 years old, and has released several classical albums produced by the late George Martin.

Classical composers have long had their patrons: Beethoven had Archduke Rudolph, John Cage had Betty Freeman. For contemporary opera composers, there's Beth Morrison. She and her production company have commissioned new works from some of the most innovative emerging composers today.