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Can you imagine a big opera premiere opening on the same night as the Super Bowl? In the same city as one of the big game teams? That’s just one of the turns in the opera "Great Scott," which opens this Friday in Dallas.  

Deutsche Grammophon

When I was just out of college I had a somewhat run-down sofa that nevertheless had incredibly soft cushions. I loved it. It was a joy to sink into. I would turn on my stereo on a Saturday afternoon, throw on side one of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno’s No Pussyfooting and doze off. The music, with its synthesized drones and delicate electric guitar melodies, had a way of lulling me into a most peaceful slumber.

Susan Riley

There’s a chamber group playing around town that may have escaped your attention.  They’re called the Olmos Ensemble, and in case you’ve missed them, here’s Martha Long on what they do.

“Olmos Ensemble is a chamber group comprised of the principle woodwinds, the principle horns and the concertmaster of the San Antonio Symphony. And we usually play about five or six concerts throughout the year.”

For this week’s edition of the Here & Now DJ sessions, Jeremy Hobson speaks with Vic Di Geronimo, host of Classic Mornings on WILL, Illinois Public Media. He shares music from a number of classical artists in their 30s who are doing interesting things with established pieces.