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Classical music has borrowed from folk melodies for centuries, but when it comes to American heritage, you’re more likely to find music based on blues, jazz, or rural Appalachia than the original sounds of the continent—songs and melodies of Native Americans. Two new albums approach Native American sounds from different angles, and both are worth examination.

Coast Guard Band Goes Hollywood

Jan 25, 2016

Members of the United States Coast Guard band, based in New London, Connecticut, are in California today. As Lori Mack from Here & Now contributor WNPR reports, they plan to march up the red carpet for the premiere of film “The Finest Hours.”

The Disney movie is based on a true story about a harrowing rescue by the Coast Guard in 1952 when two oil tankers were broken in half by a nor’easter off the coast of Massachusetts.

Tensions over the contract between the Fort Worth Symphony and its musicians continue. The symphony says it has issued its final offer and musicians will vote on it Friday, but it’s not clear if they’ll accept it.  

You know the X-Files theme. For nine years, that music had an almost Pavlovian effect on TV junkies addicted to the paranormal adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. But in the beginning, it was just a job for composer Mark Snow.

Edward Benavides

Youth Orchestras of San Antonio's next concert sounds like a spirited one. And in a word, the reason is percussion. 

"Percussion's a huge part of this music," says YOSA Music Director Troy Peters. "In fact we're going to have a dozen timpani at the front of the stage--these big kettle drums," said Peters. "More kettle drums than anybody has ever seen on stage at the Tobin Center. Playing a piece by Philip Glass."