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Cooking a Thanksgiving feast for a dozen people may seem like a challenge, but imagine preparing the meal for 25,000. Well, that’s exactly what’s been going on at San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center all week as volunteers get ready for the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner. So what does it take to feed a small army of elderly, homeless, and less fortunate?

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An estimated 9-11 million people are infected with the Chagas disease. It is transmitted from the bite of the Triatominae bug, or "kissing bug," and after years of being carried can damage the infected person's heart. Chagas was once thought to be containted purely in tropical countries, but Dr. Seema Yasmin a professor of public health at University of Texas, Dallas says that is wrong and that America's blood supply, which doesn't regularly screen for the disease, is in for a rude awakening. / cc

When is the right time to start getting screened for prostate cancer, and what are the right tests?

Some questions seem so simple, but can elicit a number of different answers.  Right now there is a debate regarding the use of a once standard test, the Prostate-specific antigen test, was found to lack merit in terms of benefits to harm, according to the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force.  

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

  VIA’s new West Side transit hub, Centro Plaza at VIA Villa, is officially open. The plaza is expected to be the transfer point for more than 1 million riders next year.

Over a decade of planning has resulted in a 2-acre circular plaza outside VIA’s headquarters just a few blocks west of downtown. It’s lined with small trees, benches, and an illuminated tower. A VIA Primo pulls up and passengers like Steven Ortiz board.

Travis County Jail

Former Governor Rick Perry's legal team was back in court on Wednesday hoping to get the final felony dismissed in his abuse of power case. An earlier count was thrown out in July. Nothing was decided though in the case against Texas' longest serving Governor.