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Stonewall Jackson is a key figure in US history. The Confederate general is famous for his strict tactics, bold military procedures, and legacy that still survives today.

Historian and author S. C. Gwynne says Stonewall Jackson is also more complicated than his simple claim to fame. Though a successful general, Jackson was much less accomplished before the war. Prior to his military career, Jackson was a failed businessman and notoriously bad physics professor. Despite these early struggles, Jackson was transformed by the war and gained both rank and infamy in the Southern army.

Once a small group of terrorist fighters from al-Qaeda--cast out for being too barbaric--now a powerful force committing atrocities and holding territory across Syria and Iraq, the rise of ISIS was something neither the west nor their Qaeda brethren expected. 

As the United States steps up its air attacks against ISIS targets, officials in the military have admitted their inability to effectively counter the propaganda and ideology of the brutal terror group.

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Tomorrow House Bill 80 goes to the floor of the Texas House of Representatives for a vote. The bill would ban texting while driving across the state, making Texas the 46th state to pass such a law.

While the bill has enjoyed bipartisan support in the legislature and broad public support across the state it has failed several times to make it from bill to law, being vetoed by former Governor Rick Perry in 2011 and was failed to pass the Texas Senate in 2013.

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David Williams was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall. The cancer was attacked with radiation and chemotherapy and then removed. But it was back within the year.

Rather than go through the harsh regimen again, doctors from the Cancer Therapy & Research  Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center suggested a new treatment. A treatment that would turn Williams, a 54 year-old Natalia man, into what is essentially, a guinea pig.

Plans are taking shape for the first phase of the new regional transportation design for the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio.

Spokesman Leroy Alloway said that the MPO met with residents of Comal, Guadalupe and Kendall counties to gather data for walking and cycling needs. He said he expected a study on the matter to be completed this summer.