It's a universal experience -- getting older - living with a chronic disease - confronting your own mortality - feeling isolated - while looking for purpose and meaning in life.

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The city of San Antonio has been going back and forth on an annexation plan. Initially a historic growth plan of five sections of the county has been rolled back dramatically. Now only a single swath remains, encompassing 13,000 residents, several businesses off of Interstate 10 West. Mayor Ivy Taylor supported the revised plan.


The history of America includes the history described in the book, "White Trash."  The author explores an era following the landing of the pilgrims, when a wave of immigrants from England arrived in the colonies.

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The city of San Antonio is considering reducing $1.3 million from delegate agencies dealing with community safety net programs. The cuts affect programs within the Rape Crisis Center, the Family Violence Prevention Services Inc, and other associated safety net programs. Instead much of the money would go towards workforce development programs under the reshuffle.

Ryan Loyd / TPR News