In addition to being the fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston is also the most ethnically diverse city. Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson took a tour of Houston with Rice University professor Stephen Klineberg, who is founding director of the Kinder Institute on Urban Research, to learn more about how this city went from a mostly white oil boomtown to what it is today.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott's veto pen got some extra use over the weekend going from 9 to 42 vetoed bills. Ranging from ethics reform to public health and education, the Governor's pen cut a variety of bills off at the knees. We talk with advocates and academics for analysis on what the bills meant and how Gov. Abbott compares to his predecessors.


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In Texas and many other states, violent sexual predators are civilly committed, They are held to a strict degree of participation in treatment programs, and housed in state-contracted halfway houses or jails. All of this after a person has served their sentence.

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  Just three weeks into the 2015 hurricane season, most of Texas has already seen the damage even a minor storm can do. The Texas Dept. of Insurance says now is the time to review home insurance policies - before the next tropical event.   Spokesman Jerry Hagins said the typical homeowner policy does not cover wind damage. He says property owners on the coast must get special coverage from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association -- and timing is critical.  “That kind of policy is available to folks in the 14 coastal counties – also in parts of Harris County," Hagins said.

What are you in the market for, a new car, a job, a spouse, maybe a kidney. Well everyone wants something, but what people give us to get it is what makes a market. Alvin Roth is a Nobel Prize-winning economist whose new book "Who Gets What—and Why" explores what makes efficient matchmaking markets, what makes failures, and what failures can be overcome through better design.