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Mehmet Oguz

As the sun went down Monday evening, more than 10,000 Muslims in San Antonio began the fast that marks the first day of Ramadan.

Ramadan comes in the ninth month of the lunar-based Muslim calendar and is considered the most holy month of all.

The Raindrop Turkish House on the city’s Northwest Side hopes to help the world to peace through its work in communities, by sharing and understanding each other no matter what the faith.

Tricia Schwennesen / Texas Public Radio

The hammering hail storms that San Antonio experienced the past few months included a record-setting $2 billion in damages. When a storm gets labeled the costliest in Texas history, the unscrupulous see an opportunity. 

The City of San Antonio wants homeowners to be wary of con artists and fraudsters looking to take a piece of insurance payouts with phony companies and fake deals.  On this episode of The Source we look at red flags when it comes to contractors.

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