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The relationship between China and the U.S. has been evolving since the "opening" of the country in the 1970s, most notably marked by President Richard Nixon's trip to the country.

Professional China-observer for the CIA, Department of Defense, and other government entities, Mike Pillsbury, wants U.S. leaders to rethink our tone, strategy, and narrative when it comes to the newly minted largest economy in the world.

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  Bexar County Jail saw a spike in its female residents from around 450 in 2011 to over 700 today. This near doubling of the population means the jail needs more women in its ranks. Men are not allowed to work in many living areas for incarcerated females, despite what you saw on Orange Is The New Black. 

Why are we seeing this spike? Who should apply for these kinds of jobs with the county?


  • Raul Banasco, deputy chief and jail administrator for Bexar County's Adult detention center
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A recent investigation by the Austin American-Statesman found that hundreds of law enforcement officers across Texas could not be called as witnesses because they lacked credibility. Instances ranging from outright deception to falsifying evidence have disqualified officers in the minds of District Attorneys in the state. 

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Nearly 60,000 minors crossed last spring, primarily from Central America, kicking off widespread debate about what caused the mass influx and how best to deal with it

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In the midst of race riots, police brutality, ISIS beheadings, and the war in Ukraine, a new book is arguing that the world has morally progressed far beyond the likes of which we have seen before, and we have science and rationality to thank for the advances rather than religion.