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A series of stories by the Houston Chronicle questions how the state determines, or allows school districts to determine, who receives special education. "Denied," the series from reporter Brian Rosenthal found that the state set an arbitrary number of 8.5 percent and worked towards ensuring the state met that threshold, despite the rates of kids meeting the special education requirements being higher in other states.

Texas General Land Office

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A unique partnership between San Antonio Municipal Court, Lanier High School and St. Mary's University is trying to keep that a child's first interaction with law not mean the end of an academic career, and cement a path to prison. A new court will have students from Lanier High School acting as the judge, the prosecutor, the defense, and the jury in trials over their peers for things like fighting and other school-related crimes. 

Paul Flahive is not a lunatic. He just makes the occasional bad choice. This is one of those stories.

There are Four Bexar County Constables - can you name yours?

There's one for each county precinct. Their duties are spelled out in the Texas Constitution of 1876.