Brackenridge Park Master Plan First Draft

The San Antonio Parks Department is promising more public discussion will happen before the city approves a plan to redesign Brackenridge Park. One proposal would greatly reduce traffic in the historic park.

Today, Much of Brackenridge Park public areas are parking lots and roadways. A proposed new master plan for the 343 acre park would reclaim that space with expanded green space and picnic spots.

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The Texas Supreme Court says the public school finance system is broken but it's not un-constitutional.The state's GOP leader's hailed Friday's decision as a victory for tax payers but what about the school children?  The court's decision represents a departure from past school financing decisions.  What are the implications? Does this mean that the courts are no longer interested in taking on school finance issues for Texas schools? Guests

Raising A Family Amidst The Turbulence Of War

May 13, 2016

“A soldier fights a war, but he doesn’t have his wife and kids with him,” says Kit Seddighzadeh about her experience living in Iran during a time of conflict. In the early 1980s, she had moved with her husband and two infant sons from the United States to Iran to be closer to her husband’s family. They had initially lived in Iran’s capital, Tehran, then relocated to family owned land close to the Iran-Iraq border, just as the war was reaching new heights of aggression.

She recalls the ever-present threat of Iraqi air raids on Shushtar, where she was living at the time.

Last week, a man was pulled off a Greyhound Bus in Amarillo and detained for 30 hours because he spoke a foreign language and was wearing a turban. Earlier this week, An Italian mathematician was removed from a U.S. flight for working on his equations. Both were thought to be Muslim terrorists, one was Daljeet Singh, a Sikh man from India. The other, Guido Menzio, is an Ivy League economist.

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A temporary restraining order is all that prevents the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services from issuing a child care license to the South Texas Family Residential Care Center in Dilley Texas - just south of San Antonio.