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Last week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for regulating broadband access like a utility, some of the strongest regulations possible for the industry.

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Since the measles outbreak began in December, 121 people have been affected by the virus. The illness has continued to spread, reaching three new states--11 in all--not including Washington, D.C., as of this week.   

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San Antonio health officials say the outbreak of measles in California traced to Disneyland hasn't made its way to South Texas. At least not yet. 

Texas Public Radio’s Shelley Kofler talked with Dr. Thomas Schlenker, Director of Health for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, about concerns. Who is most at risk? Why aren't some children vaccinated? Read excerpts from the interview below.



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Does the fact that man-made climate change is real obligate humanity to take action against it?

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Update: Many listeners took issue with our guest, James Jacobs', view on both the impact of marijuana possession charges and the process of getting criminal convictions expunged in Texas. He is a national expert.  We wanted to include some local commentary from our Interim Chief Public Defender.

A misdemeanor marijuana conviction will cause your driving privileges to be suspended for 6 months, disqualify you from federally backed student loans, cause you and your family to be evicted from Section 8 (low income) housing.