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According to the Pretrial justice Institute while only 5 percent of people arrested go to prison almost 50 percent of those arrested are incarcerated pending the outcome of their cases.


Gamers are an incredibly diverse group of persistent people who log hours a week, make hundreds of in-game decisions and collectively shell out hundreds of billions of dollars a year for that opportunity.

What if there was a way to harness these dedicated individuals into helping solve the world's most pernicious problems? And what if gaming itself could be used to inform and inspire individuals? What if it could be used to make government better?

Some of these ideas are already being tried out. The biggest example was in 2011, when gamers helped AIDS researchers resolve a long-running problem in science. 

Joaquín Castro at DNC
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After a punishing mid-term election Congressional Democrats are taking stock of what is and isn't possible this year.

San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro joined us in-studio to address the issues he felt passionately about and to describe the demeanor of the new Congress.

With a legislative branch increasingly vocal and active in the realm of foreign policy, the Congress Castro described is decidedly feisty.

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  A new series from the Texas Tribune examines the lack of clean water on Texas' southern border. The five-part series entitled "Undrinkable" weaves a story of byzantine bureaucratics, misspent millions, and wasted opportunities. 

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Former U.S. Senator for Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison joined us on The Source to talk about her legacy of civility, her civic works and her writing. In her 20 years representing Texas in the U.S. Senate, Hutchison built a reputation has someone who could work across the aisle while delivering on her promise to Texans.