The Source: Clown Scarings And Mass Hysteria

Oct 10, 2016

Sightings of so-called "creepy clowns" and the resulting paranoia have inspired a wave of coulrophobia across the country. Though most cases are determined to be hoaxes and copycats, there has been no shortage of clown-related media attention or police investigation.

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Adam Flores-Boffa was born and raised here in San Antonio. He was a congressional staffer for many years for both Charlie Gonzalez and Joaquin Castro. His job often required him to keep his opinion to himself, and caused him to harden on a number of issues. It took nothing short of a life-changing illness to get him to really listen to someone who disagreed with him.

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Everett Fly is trying to save black history from being forgotten. Black settlements across the U.S. have been swept away with the changing times, many without any record of their being there, no marker no nothing.