San Antonio is Military City USA, and that fact rang loud and clear on The Source Wednesday afternoon. When discussion of the new book "Tattooed On My Soul: Texas Veterans Remember WWII," allowed for listeners to phone in with their family stories of war. A deluge of calls followed.  

From Texas Standard:

Part of the mission at Dress for Success is to help women achieve financial independence. That includes women veterans. A higher percentage of female vets are unemployed than male vets.

"I have an interview this afternoon," Julia Hill says.


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Last week, the Faculty Senate at the University of Texas at San Antonio voted unanimously, 33-0, to among other things urge Ricardo Romo to make classrooms, faculty offices and research labs gun-free zones. The UTSA President is empowered to set the policy by the same law making it legal for concealed gun permit holders to carry the weapons on campus.

"Guns are not a tool  for arming students with the reason and the arguments and the ability to engage those arguments that we are really trying to achieve there," says Walt Wilson, professor of political science at UTSA.

Three stories of the drug war are woven into a beautifully shot, well made documentary called Kingdom of Shadows. Grieving families, aging former traffickers, undercover law enforcement and crusading activists are all highlighted in a brutal war that has taken many lives. The movie charts the evolution of the illicit drug industry and the raging violence that has hit Mexico with full force. 

It screened at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Nov 10th at 7:30 PM.

Call it San Antonio's West Side Sound, Chicano Soul, West Side Soul, doo-wop with horns, whatever you call it, San Antonio was the site of a musical mash up, a cultural clash and sound synthesis that is resonating decades after its 60s and mid-70s creation. 

Bands like "Sonny Ace & The Twisters," "Rudy Tee & The Reno Bops," "Little Henry & and The Laveers," are just a few of the bands that made up a very popular but highly localized scene. Jason Longoria, owner of El Westside Sound System says the music is still with us.