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The price of oil has given and taken in the past in Texas. We've seen good times and bad times depending on how much people are willing to pay for Texas tea. But right now - that's about $31 - 32 a barrel - and that's not that good. 

There is something about people that makes them vulnerable to being conned. We have a built in bias - to trust. It doesn't matter how smart you are - you could be a victim of a con man - in fact you likely have already have fallen victim.

How a Cardboard Box Could Help Reduce Infant Mortality Rates

Feb 1, 2016

From Texas Standard:

Every two weeks in Bexar County, a baby dies.

That number is the highest in the state. The majority of deaths are attributed to unsafe sleep patterns or "co-sleeping," when the baby sleeps with parents or a sibling. Babies can suffocate or be smothered while sleeping with bigger people.

A San Antonio hospital is taking a cue from Finland and offering "baby boxes" to new mothers. But what are they and how do they help keep babies safe?


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It was a surprise when a Houston Grand Jury came back with indictments not for Planned Parenthood - who were being investigated for selling fetal tissue - but instead for two individuals responsible for the secret videos that threw the issue into the national spotlight.

From Texas Standard:

Texas Public Radio news director Shelley Kofler  has spent the past week on the impacts of population growth. TPR staff visited Fredericksburg and Bexar County, as well as middle-income and historic neighborhoods in San Antonio. She shared with the Standard some of the newsroom conversations she and her staff had that led to the "Growing Pains" series.

"A lot of this started just with us sharing our personal experiences in the newsroom," Kofler says. "And then we checked it out, and we looked at the data, and we said 'We have some real serious challenges here.'"