In the environmental movement, courts have played an important role in legitimizing regulations and creating precedents. But how has the Supreme Court ruled on these issues? 

From Texas Standard:

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro announced the latest cities to be designated "promise zones" this week. This is the second set of cities to take part in the federal program that seeks to reduce poverty and crime, increase economic and educational opportunities and attract private investment.

None of the eight announced this week are in Texas, but we thought this was a great opportunity to check in with one of the inaugural five.

Higher Taxes Loom With Rising Property Values

May 1, 2015

Local homeowners are suffering sticker shock after seeing a double-digit percentage increase in the appraised value of their property. Residential real estate values are up an average of 11 percent this year in Bexar County, a reflection of the area’s sizzling housing market. That’s on top of a 7 percent increase last year, which snapped a string of years with flat or falling assessments.

City Council Approves Pet Microchip License Ordinance

May 1, 2015

The San Antonio City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to utilize microchip implants to license pets living within the city limits. The city will be the largest in the nation to use microchipping as its primary means of pet licensing when the ordinance goes into effect on June 30. Pet owners with valid metal license tags will not be required to microchip their dog or cat until the license expires.

Chris Eudaily / Texas Public Radio

Texas Public Radio today announced that award-winning journalist Eileen Pace will be the permanent, local host for Texas Public Radio’s Morning Edition, which airs Monday through Friday from 4-9 a.m. 

Pace stepped into the position following the departure of Crystal Chavez in January.


“TPR was prepared to conduct a national search for Crystal’s replacement, but we realized we had the most qualified candidate here among us,” said TPR News Director Shelley Kofler.