At the conclusion of the years long Vietnam war, thousands of children were living in orphanages in the south. When the call came down from President Gerald Ford that America would get these kids out in the final months of the war, Clark Air Base in the Philippines was the first stop on that journey.

Marion Barth found herself in charge of coordinating the early days of this operation that would ultimately move more than 10,000 kids.

Roddy Stinson's Car Key Warmer

Sep 9, 2016

Roddy is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but the former Express-News columnist made a sport out of blistering any politician, bureaucrat or business person who screwed with the little guy. He also showed us parts of San Antonio that we barely knew existed.

When Gary Hale was in his early 30s he was chief of intelligence for the Drug Enforcement Agency in La Paz, Bolivia. The Andean nation was the second largest producer of cocaine in the 1980s into the mid 90s. But unlike the violent scenes and power grabs across the border in Colombia, the action in Bolivia - though no less profitable - was sleepier

When Burgin Streetman was 12-years-old her mother nearly got her killed. It wouldn't be the only time.

In this story of danger, action and excitement, Burgin and her mother take on the biggest case - only case - of their career. Will they find an abducted man before time runs out? Will the Reader's Digest be the pivotal clue? Will the FBI add to their file on Burgin's mother? 

 In 2011, the world watched as Syria rose up in protest against its longtime authoritarian ruling family the Assads. Corruption, oppression, and indifference became too much for many to bare - while we in the U.S. watched the Middle Eastern country become embroiled in civil war and become a geopolitical football, people struggled to survive in besieged cities like Aleppo and Homs.  This is one of those stories.