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The hammering hail storms that San Antonio experienced the past few months included a record-setting $2 billion in damages. When a storm gets labeled the costliest in Texas history, the unscrupulous see an opportunity. 

The City of San Antonio wants homeowners to be wary of con artists and fraudsters looking to take a piece of insurance payouts with phony companies and fake deals.  On this episode of The Source we look at red flags when it comes to contractors.

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Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed new rules on predatory lenders to stop pay-day and auto-title lending from becoming debt traps. While supportive, a number of consumer-advocate groups say the provisions don't go far enough. Some like the Pew Charitable Trust have called the new rules a "missed opportunity."

Driven From Home And A Debt-Free Retirement

Jun 3, 2016

Lupe Turner lived in the Mission Trails Mobile Home Park for 12 years when talks for rezoning the property into a high-end apartment complex started in early 2014.

“I don’t even remember when the sign was put out. It was a yellow or orange sign. I thought it was like somebody was having a yard sale or something, until I think my daughter brought it to my attention, ‘You know there’s a sign out there that said something about rezoning.’ And I thought ‘What does that mean?’ I didn’t even know what that meant.”