Last night, the Juno Probe executed a series of maneuvers and burns to put it into orbit of the massive planet Jupiter. The insertion was captured live at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mission Control Center in Pasadena. You can watch it below.

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The Spanish Missions of San Antonio are a World Heritage Site, and are expected to increase tourism to the area. The community is concerned that the natural drive for business to build near the sites and their tourists may spoil the experience of the missions.

In order to manage and preserve the character of the sites, the newly formed World Heritage Office at the City of San Antonio is trying to put together a plan for land use around the sites. 


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Try to imagine serving a decade or longer in prison for a crime you did not commit. Maybe you are even on death row. Try to put yourself in that situation. For some people they don't have to imagine it... they lived it.

Today Walmart announced that it was going to require it's suppliers to follow a standardized food "sell by" date guideline. That's because nationally there are no federal labeling standards for food other than baby food. Confusion over when food is spoiled and when it is fine has led to tons of food being wasted every year.