Mike Villarreal represented San Antonio in the Texas House of Representatives. His legislation has helped the city grow into a world class city. He wrote the bill that secured much of the funding for the Hemisfair redevelopment...and it wasn't without battles. 

In this story he tells us why he came back to San Antonio, and how he won that first race.

The four candidates running for Bexar County Sheriff face off in a one-hour, live debate from 3 to 4 p.m. to discuss issues and challenges for the county's top officer, including administration of public officers and jailers, a recent jump in the local homicide rate, jail safety and conditions, inmate suicides, managing the budget, and immigration related to Bexar County.

Today, the ACLU is in the middle of virtually every controversy we enjoy, from the government and Yahoo scraping emails, public access to videos of police shootings, voter ID, rights for the homeless and athletes choosing not to stand for the national anthem. 

So what is the American Civil Liberties Union and what are civil liberties as we know them today, compared to how they were understood in America and in the courts before World War I?


Texas made good on threats last week to withdraw from the federal Refugee Resettlement Program after demands for increased security and a cap on the number of refugees resettled in the state were not met. The federal agency in charge of the program insists existing security measures are sufficient and that they don't have control over how many refugees come in.