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San Antonio Blue Bell fans will have to travel a bit north or eastward to lay their hands on the first batch of ice cream that returns to store shelves in Texas. The creamery posted a video Monday saying it will start delivering ice cream on August 31.   

Vice President Ricky Dickson appealed to customers for patience. 

Barbie Scharf-Zeldes

For the second time in less than a week, a Jewish congregation is targeted by hate filled graffiti.

Vandals hit Congregation Agudas Achim on Huebner Road at Bitters. A maintenance man made the discovery on a storage shed Monday morning.

“On the storage shed, in blue spray paint, there were two words - one was Jews, J-E-W-S, and right below it was Jew, J-E-W,” said congregation President Barbie Scharf-Zeldes. “We didn’t have any other graffiti, but there was also two barbeque grills stolen from the storage shed.”

Now that the San Antonio Missions are a World Heritage Site, big money is predicted to flow into the community in the form of tourism. The sites, some of which sit in low-income communities, could provide a spark to the neighborhoods and revitalizing these areas. Already the Archidiocese of San Antonio has leased the land behind Mission Concepcion to a developer to build apartments. 

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Climate Change, space exploration, and maintaining economic dominance through technological innovation, with so many science-related issues facing the United States how well versed should the president be in core sciences?

A movement to make science the center of any presidential run has been gaining momentum for years. The people at want at least one of the few presidential debates to be solely about science.


Lone Star Rail gets budget consideration at Council, Lyft is coming back to San Antonio, we may fix some of San Antonio's many busted roads, and who are TechBloc and what do they want? We are talking about it all on the Journalist's Roundtable.


  • Brian Chasnoff, columnist for the San Antonio Express-News
  • Joey Palacios, reporter for Texas Public Radio