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Many colleges in Texas are being called drop out factories because of the number of students unable to complete a degree in 6 or less years. The report generated by Third Way, a centrist think-tank, critiques universities nationwide, and shows less than half of all students across the country can finish within 6 and only 15 percent of schools achieved two-thirds graduating in that amount of time.

What does this mean for public universities in the state?

Rackspace has been pivotal in the development of San Antonio's tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Founded in 1998, it has helped develop the tech labor force, making San Antonio a destination for top-shelf talent.

"That's probably the biggest thing I can point to. The sheer critical mass of talent," says John Dickson who works in the tech industry, running Denim Group, and also is tasked with overseeing tech landscape for the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. More than that, Dickson says, they put San Antonio in the mainstream of tech companies. 

From Texas Standard:

When Sam Espinosa was a kid, it took a while for Austin Independent School District to learn he was homeless.

"My mom is a fairly private person – she was never one to let anyone else into,  you know, what we were going through," Espinosa says.

So, Sam and his five siblings became fairly good at pretending they had a place to live.


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San Antonio's home grown Rackspace announced its $4.3 billion dollar pending sale Friday morning. The deal is expected to close later this year, waiting now only on the formal approval by stockholders.

But what do we know about the buyer Apollo Global Management? To answer that, TPR's Paul Flahive spoke with Michael Taylor a finance writer whose columns are found in the San Antonio Express-News and on his blog Bankers Anonymous