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Texas schools needs to test for lead, says a recent op-ed from Environment Texas head Luke Metzger and Dallas Democratic Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.

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"Wolf Boys: Two American Teenagers and Mexico's Most Dangerous Drug Cartel" tells the harrowing true story of tow teens from Laredo, texas, recruited as hit men for Los Zetas cartel. By their own accounts, together they killed more than 50 people as Zetas assassins before their arrests in 2009.

What's it like to be an employee of a global drug trafficking organization? And how does a 15-year-old American boy go from star quarterback to trained assassin, surging up the cartel corporate ladder? 

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When Godley Elementary School teacher Brandy Young informed her second graders' parents that there would be no assigned homework in her class, the news went viral.

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Kerrville City Councilman Gary Stork and his wife Peggy were found inside their home on Saturday, dead from gunshot wounds to the head. Murder-suicide is suspected.

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San Antonio Pets Alive! went to the City of San Antonio for emergency funding of $500,000 this summer. The pet adoption organization has helped the city strive to achieve"No-Kill" status, but struggled with its finances and a revolving door of leadership.

The city put up $375,000 with the understanding that it would put out an RFP on the city-owned Paul Jolly Center. The city then chose another organization, the Animal Defense League, to take over operations at the centrally located center for adoptions.