A forum this weekend wants to celebrate the athletic prowess and talent of Black Professional Baseball in Texas. The league had teams all over San Antonio: The Bombers, The Black Sox, The Black Missions were just a few of a thriving league that was rarely covered by established white newspapers, something that at times hampered Institute of Texan Cultures researcher Greg Garrett's work on area teams.

The first game to bring augmented reality to the masses. A game so popular the servers shut down for overuse, A game that caused its creators stock price to nearly double in a week. Pokemon Go is all the talk of Wall Street, Main street, and has kids and adults alike wandering streets in between, searching for the digital Pocket Monsters first featured in the animated series. 


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The National Weather Service has issued an elevated-to-near-critical fire danger statement for the San Antonio area, the Texas Hill Country and most of South Texas. With winds of nearly 30 miles per hour on heat indexes of 103 to 108, there is an increased risk for brush fires.

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Education, long held as the best way out of poverty and social mobility has for many become a financial weight, dragging them into default as a result of student loans. 42 million Americans owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. And millions of those holding student loans are either behind or in default on a loan that can't be discharged through bankruptcy and has proven very difficult to have forgiven.

But how did we get here?