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The San Antonio Fire Department this year celebrates its 125th Anniversary.

Fire spokesman Woody Woodward says firefighters battled blazes in 1854 much differently than they do today.

“A lot different than we do now. A lot of buckets from hand-to-hand.  In 1927, when we finally got rid of the horses, we had the first motorized fire wagons.”

Woodward says 1891 marked the official formation of the professional, non-volunteer fire department.

Has the West become obsessed with capitalism, material possession, and making money? Most people in the U.S. would probably say yes. But have we built a religion around the Free Market, imbued it with certain magical qualities that can only be truly explained through interpretive acolytes? That is the argument that renown religious scholar Harvey Cox makes in his new book "The Market As God."


  • Harvey Cox, Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University
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District 10 City Councilman Mike Gallagher says he and other council members are hearing from constituents and businesses about panhandlers.

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