Federal and state officials are investigating Brown County’s County Attorney Shane Britton. There are questions about Britton’s practice of accepting donations from suspects in misdemeanor criminal cases to pay their way out of being prosecuted.

Crystal City saw many of its leaders led away in handcuffs today. Mayor Ricardo Lopez, City Manager William James Jonas, council members Rogelio and Roel Mata, former council member Gilbert Urrabazo and businessman Ngoc Tri Nguyen were indicted and arrested on corruption charges including conspiracy and bribery this morning. 

The case revolves illegal gambling rooms and bribes offered to city officials. We talk with County Commissioner  Miguel "Mike" Acosta who was awakened by the FBI-led raid of his neighbor James Jonas' home. 

Center for Public Integrity

Citizens of Texas, this is your state government. You pay for it. You have the right to know what is going on. That means getting access to documents and records that can reveal how state lawmakers are reaching their conclusion. Also it can reveal how they are spending tax money. 

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According to a recent analysis by the Austin-American Statesman, the state of Texas doubled the amount of bonuses it gives out in a year to state employees from 2009 to 2014, going from over $28 million to $65 million. The report goes on to say that Texas has given $270 million in bonuses in recent years, and they did it with few rules or oversight.

What does it mean for accountability in our Capitol?

Texas Tribune

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton turned himself over Monday to Collins County authorities after being indicted last week for three criminal charges for securities fraud and failing to register as a securities agent. Paxton, who won the Attorney General seat despite widespread knowledge of business misdealings, may still have a future in Texas politics. While there is already enough evidence to disbar him, in Texas, one doesn't have to be an attorney to be  Attorney General. 

What does his indictment mean for the state? What could his future hold?