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San Antonio's first Feminist Film Festival kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 19.  They're calling it Scene and Heard--and Patt Jasso says that "scene" is at a well-known venue.

"It's going to be at the Alamo Drafthouse on 410, which is the old Central Park Mall."

It'll be held over two nights, Tuesday and Thursday.

The era of the real-life whodunit series is upon us. The podcast Serial first attracted legions of listeners drawn to the question of whether a young man should have been put in prison for the murder of his former high school girlfriend. HBO's documentary The Jinx focused on a trail of murdered and missing intimates of a troubled scion of a wealthy family.

For anyone more interested in Amy Winehouse's music than in her martyrdom, the most shocking images in Asif Kapadia's new documentary Amy may not be the ones showing her strung out and terrifyingly thin at the end of her short life, nor those capturing her turn into serious addiction in filthy, paraphernalia-strewn rooms she shared with her enabler and eventual husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.