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Texas Senate

Republican State Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels is angry a filibuster killed her annexation bill as the legislative session came to a close.  Campbell is calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to revive the annexation legislative in a special session.

Office of Donna Campbell

State lawmakers, who were asked by President Donald Trump to share their insight about the state of healthcare in America are back home Texas today.  State Sen. Donna Campbell was among ten women working in the healthcare field that was asked to share her opinion about efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Ryan Poppe

A group of education non-profits, religious leaders, and state lawmakers take aim at an effort in the Texas Legislature to rebrand the term school voucher with terms like, “Public Education Savings Accounts.”  But the school choice advocates say they’re only trying to bring more educational opportunities to more Texas children.

For state Sen. Jose Menendez, a Democrat from San Antonio, a school voucher by any other name is still a voucher.  Menendez is part of a group formed ahead of the 2017 legislation session called the Texas Coalition of Public Schools. 

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AUSTIN — After months of criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, the Texas Senate on Thursday approved Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s proposed pre-K upgrade — a plan that Tea Party activists condemn as socialist and educators tepidly embrace as better than nothing.

Abbott doesn’t get to sign his first flagship education initiative quite yet. But with the House only needing to agree to some minor tweaks, he is now poised to deliver a major campaign promise before the Legislature adjourns June 1.

Not everyone will enthusiastically celebrate.

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Even as the Texas House has signed off on a related measure that would require public employers to make “reasonable accommodations” for female salaried employees that need to breastfeed, a similar move in the Texas Senate to extend accommodations available to hourly workers under federal law to salaried people like schoolteachers, has met with resistance from at least two Republican senators — state Sens. Lois Kolkhorst of Brenham and Donna Campbell of New Braunfels — who say it expands the role of government. 
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