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It happened slowly at first. The reservoir's water level dropped, so the resort extended the boat launch ramp.

Then they had to add another extension.

Eventually, the water dropped so much that business dried up — along with the lake.

"For this coming weekend, there's not one reservation. This business was 98 percent dependent on the water. Now that the water's gone, the customers are gone as well," says Francisco Carlos Fonseca, the manager of Marina Confiança.

After Years Underwater, A Church Re-Emerges In Mexico

Oct 19, 2015

A drought in the Mexican state of Chiapas has led to the reappearance of a mid-16th century church.

Lack of rain in southern Mexico has dropped the water level in the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, revealing the Temple of Santiago, a church built in in 1564.

The giant sequoias in the Sierra Nevada are one of America's treasures, but for the first time in Sequoia National Park's history, the trees are showing visible signs of exhaustion due to the drought.

On a hike last summer, a scientist noticed that the needles of the giant sequoias were browning and more sparse than usual. This finding got ecologists thinking: Did the drought cause this?

Tropical Depression Bill, formerly Tropical Storm Bill, is making its way north across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, bringing more rain to an area that’s already seen more than its fair share in recent weeks.

But there has been an upside to the past month of heavy rains: some parts of Texas have finally emerged from years of devastating drought conditions. Take Wichita Falls, Texas, where a year ago the city’s water supply reservoirs were less than a quarter full, and the city was at Stage 5 drought emergency conditions.