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They call it the “Oscar of Teaching” and for the first time it’s going to a teacher at Somerset Independent School District in Bexar County. The prestigious Milken Educator Award also comes with a $25,000 cash prize.




Amber Simpson shed tears of joy when she got the news. The teacher at Barrera Veterans Elementary School said when they called her name, she thought she had heard them wrong.


From Texas Standard:

Selene Moreno is a senior at Benito Juarez-Abraham Lincoln High School in La Joya, Texas. She says she’s looking forward to graduation.

“I’m planning to become a physical therapist after I graduate from high school and I’m planning on going to Texas A&M,” Moreno says.

SA2020 has three years left to reach some lofty goals for San Antonio. Target areas include family well-being, economic competitiveness and community safety. SA2020 recently put out their annual report, which takes a look at the 11 areas identified for improvement.

From Texas Standard:

Right about now, as the spring school semester is starting, parents are starting to worry about how their kids will spend their time this summer. Parents are enrolling kids in camps, sports and a multitude of other activities. But many summer camps and classes are costly, and not everyone can pay.

Once again this year, President Obama hailed the nation's high school graduation rate as it reached another record high — a whopping 83 percent.