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Battles in education rage on lots of fronts: Common Core, teacher tenure, charter schools, vouchers, and standardized testing. Hot-button topics that pit students and parents  against teachers, teachers against administrators, politicians against unions and each other, and all over the best way to educate kids.

While these are today's favorite points of contention you might be surprised to hear that they are nothing new. 

A senate committee is examining the State Board of Education’s efforts to streamline math and writing standards, amid new data showing Texas students SAT scores are at an all-time low, but some lawmakers remain leery about what will be taken out and whether Texas is really doing enough to prepare students for college.

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The Alamo Colleges are removing major declarations from Associate of the Arts and Science degrees, and the move has some students upset. Administrators say it will make it easier for students to transfer to a four-year institution.

This story is part of the New Boom series on millennials in America.

Millennials are often mocked as Starbucks baristas with Ivy League educations.

And while they are the best-educated generation to date, data from the Pew Research Center show about two-thirds of millennials between ages 25 and 32 lack a bachelor's degree.

That majority is often ignored in conversations about millennials.

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Common Core standards were once thought to be the future of education in America, endorsed by 45 states.