News about education issues in and around San Antonio.

From Texas Standard:

It seems that every year, we hear how college is becoming more and more expensive.

"The value of my education is priceless, but the value of my education is also not $140,000 in debt."

That was the statement of a Hunter College graduate with a master's degree, as quoted in the documentary Ivory Tower. And a new national poll suggests that thousands of graduates, especially younger graduates, agree with her.

San Antonio College

San Antonio College officially marks the 90th Anniversary of its founding in September of this year. SAC started at a time when junior colleges were just gaining a foothold in education, and it is the oldest two-year college in Texas. It started with a mission of serving the non-traditional student and meeting unique education needs of the community, a mission that continues today.

SAC's Vanessa Torres dropped by last week and talked with TPR's Eileen Pace about the school's history and and its accomplishments in its 90 years of service the Alamo City. 

Ron Turiello's daughter, Grace, seemed unusually alert even as a newborn.

At 7 months or so, she showed an interest in categorizing objects: She'd take a drawing of an elephant in a picture book, say, and match it to a stuffed elephant and a realistic plastic elephant.

At 5 or 6 years old, when snorkeling with her family in Hawaii, she identified a passing fish correctly as a Heller's barracuda, then added, "Where are the rest? They usually travel in schools."

The Texas state educational system is under review by the state Supreme Court again. More than 600 schools are suing the state of Texas and its lawmakers for what they say is an unconstitutionally underfunded school system. The courts have agreed twice with the schools, but Texas Governor Greg Abbot and other legislators say this isn’t a decision to be made by judges.