News about education issues in and around San Antonio.

From Texas Standard:

Some of America’s biggest school districts in New York City, Chicago, Miami-Dade County and Houston are hiring more security officers and police than counselors. In Houston, for example, there is only one counselor for every 1,175 students.

Policy and research editor Matt Barnum, from a nonpartisan news website focusing on education issues called The 74,  looked at the data.

This weekend the San Antonio Independent School District held a job fair aimed at filling critical teaching positions for the fall.  Across Texas districts are reporting a shortage of teachers in specific subject areas.

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Last fall 500 of the city's educators along with government and industry leaders gathered for a summit to crack one of the biggest problems in the region: identify and fix the gaps in education success.

San Antonio Independent School District

The San Antonio Independent School District is selling off some of its property in hopes of raising enough money for a new district headquarters.

There are about six properties for sale, the prices of which have not been disclosed. Some of the plots of land include the Fox Tech High School softball and football fields, two vacant lots on South Presa Street and Lord Road, and the district’s food service warehouse.  

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San Antonio’s Pre-K 4 SA has been held up as a model for the kind of prekindergarten education that gives children a solid, academic start.  The program is funded through a citywide sales tax and its finishing its third year. Is the program living up to its promise?

  At the Pre-K 4 SA Eastside Education Center  4-year olds are welcoming  a group of visitors with a song.  The kids getting their first taste of school in a program operated by the city and paid for with a 1/8 cent sales tax.

The school ’s director Janice Hammonds, leads the tour.