Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a confirmation hearing Thursday to become the next secretary of the energy department, which Perry, in a 2012 Republican presidential debate, blanked at remembering was one of the three federal agencies he’d pledged to abolish.

When former Texas Gov. Rick Perry faces the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for his confirmation hearing on Thursday, his first test could be whether he remembers the name of the agency he's been picked to head.

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy, a department he once famously said should be eliminated. As the longest-serving governor of Texas, Perry is well-versed in the business of fossil fuels and energy extraction.

But the nearly 40-year-old department is also largely devoted to national security, nuclear weapons and power and basic science research.

Updated 7:51 a.m. ET Dec. 14 with official announcement of Perry's nomination.

It's a good thing former Texas Gov. Rick Perry once forgot he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy, because President-elect Donald Trump is nominating him to lead the agency.

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