Do we really need yet another spy movie send-up? That's a good question no matter what year it is, but 2015 has already brought us Kingsman: The Secret Service and Barely Lethal, with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on the way — not to mention new installments of the real-deal James Bond and Mission: Impossible franchises.

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Nathan Cone

“The little movie with the million dollar soundtrack” is how violist and film director Matt Diekman describes his short film Upon The Awful Tree, an original story inspired by an old hymn, the director’s love of Sergio Leone, and an encounter with absinthe prepared by a fellow musician. UTSA professor Matt Dunne wrote the film’s score, which was performed by several San Antonio-area musicians, including members of the San Antonio Symphony.

The new movie San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson (better known as The Rock), is about a California earthquake so powerful that it destroys Los Angeles and San Francisco, and people can feel it all the way over on the East Coast.

Could this really happen? And can earthquakes ever be predicted, as one scientist (played by Paul Giamatti) succeeds in doing in this movie? We did some fact-checking with seismologist Lucile Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey.