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The Army is facing a manpower shortage in an era when most young Americans don’t qualify to serve in the armed forces—mostly because of obesity. But the service has come up with a way to screen recruits whose health habits put them at greater risk of injuries during training.

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The Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Border Security convened at Port San Antonio Wednesday to hear public comment on issues ranging from defense manufacturing to military youth readiness.

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Regular gym goers know January is the worst. All those people who usually don’t show up crowd into classes and hog the equipment in an effort to meet their New Year resolutions.

But whether you’re a gym rat or an occasional exerciser, you may not realize that personal trainers – the ones with abs you’d pay big money for – don't usually have equally enviable salaries.


Jack Morgan

Lots of people resolve to get more exercise in the new year, but ultimately decide it's too hard to find time to go to the gym or fit in a workout each day. Here's an activity that just might help you live up to your objective. It's called Volkssporting, or non-competitive walking. Technically, it can also be biking, swimming and in some parts of the country, snow-shoeing. I spoke to Henry Rosales, who Executive Directs the American Volkssport  Association, headquartered in Universal City.

You've heard it a million times: The hours we spend sitting in front of our computers, sitting in front of the TV and sitting just about everywhere else are adding up. We are sitting ourselves to death.

So it came as welcome news when we read last week that just 10 minutes — 10 minutes! — of walking after sitting for a long period of time can restore the damage to our vascular system.