James Baker

A moon, full or not, hanging over the vast open farmland of the Texas coastal plain, always brings to my mind the popular waltz written by the Dujka Brothers, singing of the Moon Over Moravia. These are not the Dujka Brothers of Czechoslovakia, nor are they singing of those historical Czech lands in the east of the Czech Republic. No, these Dujka Brothers are born and bred in Texas, and their Moravia is the small town nestled in the rolling prairies between Schulenburg and Hallettsville.

Haley Skinner

It’s a citywide event that encourages everyone to hit the streets—but not all of them.  It’s called Síclovía, and it has a specific route.

“Síclovía is heading back to our traditional Broadway route, but we’re adding a little twist.”

The YMCA’s Monica Garza runs Síclovía.

“…we’re heading over to the east side to Dignowity and Lockwood Parks.”

Garza lays out the specific route, starting on Broadway:

“Lions Field at Mulberry all the way down to Alamo Plaza, and then head over east to those parks.”

Eveline Evans

There’s a subculture of people who simply don’t take walking in stride. You may have seen them along the roadways or in parks: Single-minded, dedicated to one thing. I’m talking about American Volkssport Association walkers.

Volkssporting, like Volkswagen, is a German creation. The AVA puts on 5k and 10k walks.

"We do hikes, walks, bikes, swims," said Joanne Forinash, the AVA's Southwest Regional Director.

I had to ask how the AVA deals with Texas' extreme heat.

Eileen Pace

Downtowners have been noticing some new signage pointing out major attractions in the Center City. Dozens of new signs have gone up that also help cyclists locate the nearest B-cycle station.

A lot has been going on in the first half of the "Decade of Downtown": There is Center City Development, a new Travis Park, River North, and all of the development efforts together creating a fresh crop of restaurants, bars and coffee shops and a need to get around.