Submerged subdivisions, impassable roads, overflowing creeks: For the second day in a row, Houston has been struggling to cope with disastrous flooding.

Nearly 18 inches of rain has fallen on parts of Houston and surrounding areas in the past two days, according to the Harris County Flood Warning System. The resulting floodwaters have reportedly led to the deaths of five people.

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Thousands of volunteers over the last nine months have helped clean up more than 800 Central Texas homes that were flooded last year. Now hundreds more volunteers are coming in from all over the country to help with reconstruction – and local officials need places for them to stay.  

Wimberley Library


The Memorial Day flood in Wimberley was one of the most talked about disasters of 2015, and it remains a day that the community doesn't want to forget.  Members of the Wimberley City Library are putting the finishing touches on a book that is an oral history of those who lived through the flood and remained behind to pick up the pieces. 

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As the Blanco River rose rapidly early on May 24th, phones around Wimberley — most of which had 512 area codes — received urgent text alerts: danger, flooding, seek shelter. Laura McComb, who had a 361 area code, did not receive any such text.

Her house was eight feet in the air, on stilts, and by the time the family noticed water on the first floor, just after 1:00 a.m., it was too late to evacuate.

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The skies have cleared and the sun has even peeked through the clouds but the National Weather Service says we aren’t exactly done with rain.

It will remain cool today and warm up some Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures reaching into the 80s, said NWS Meteorologist Larry Hopper.

However, a weak front followed by an upper level disturbance will be coming in later in the week, and while it probably will not be as widespread as last weekend, heavy rain and strong winds are predicted for Friday and Saturday, Hopper said.