Google Fiber

In November, TPR reported on the future of Google's high-speed Internet network in San Antonio. In an update to the City Council, city staff presented a map of the fiber-optic cable route the tech giant was installing.

Light on detail, the map left many neighborhood members wondering where the cable would be laid, and how it would impact them.

"It's uh...It's a good map, but it's not as detailed as I was looking for," says Douglas Boom.

From Texas Standard: A Google-sponsored pitching event gives budding entrepreneurs the platform they need to get start-up capital.

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The City of San Antonio is making strides to address high-speed internet and the big gap in who has internet access and who doesn't, commonly called the digital divide.

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San Antonio is on the short list to become a Google Fiber city. What would it mean to businesses and residents if Google expands high-speed Internet access in the city? Tech experts are hopeful for a more digitally connected landscape.


On the sixth and seventh floors of the Rand Building on Houston Street is Geekdom. It’s a collection of independent start-up technology companies that depend heavily on the Internet. One of those companies is Promoter IO. It’s a web application business that allows clients to gauge customer feedback.


Google Began Testing Self-Driving Vehicles On Austin’s Streets Over Past Week

Jul 7, 2015
Courtesy: The Texas Tribune

After years of experimenting with its groundbreaking autonomous vehicle technology almost exclusively in California, Google confirmed Monday that it has begun testing one of its self-driving vehicles in Austin. 

A white Lexus RX 450h SUV outfitted with the company’s sensors and software began making trips without the aid of a driver in the city within the past week, said Jennifer Haroon, head of business operations for the Google self-driving car project. Another vehicle will join it in the area for testing this week.