Greg Abbott

Ryan E. Poppe


Gov. Greg Abbott is threatening to withhold law enforcement money from counties that don’t inform federal immigration officials about undocumented immigrants.  


Gov. Abbott has come out vehemently against Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s policy on holding undocumented immigrants.  She refuses to hold them an additional 48 hours after they’ve finished serving time for minor criminal offenses.


Ryan E. Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Texas Sheriffs Departments were put on notice today that if they do not fully comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) notification and detention requests, then Gov. Greg Abbott intends to deny them funding from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division.

In other words, “sanctuary cities” need not apply.

Augustas Didžgalvis / CC

The State of Texas can no longer lay claim to the title of “State with the most gun sales.”  The latest numbers on firearm purchases even prompted Governor Greg Abbott to put out an online message that he was embarrassed by the news.

The figures are based off of the number of requests the FBI receives to conduct criminal background checks for new gun purchases.  Two years ago following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun sales were at an all-time high in Texas.

Ryan E. Poppe

Gus Bard stares out of his kitchen window at the giant abandoned G.J. Sutton complex that stretches alongside his restaurant, Sweet Yams Organic on North Cherry Street.

“It should come down. If they are going to build something there it should be a space. They should stop building buildings that block the neighborhood from downtown,” Bard said.


The original white brick building with a gated entrance is just on the other side of the railroad tracks, across from the Alamodome and San Antonio’s downtown, on the city’s Eastside.

For years the G.J. Sutton building has housed hundreds of state employees.   The 100-year old building is a massive complex that is one of the first structures to greet visitors entering San Antonio’s Eastside community.   In the last few years the building has fallen into disrepair and a colony of bats have moved in.