Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Charlie Terrell

Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, and so much more happening this weekend. Here are a few you might consider. First off tonight, head to the west side to the Guadalupe Theater.  Kiko Martinez explains what's going on.

A noteworthy local film festival will soon kick into high gear. I spoke to its director, San Antonian Jim Mendiola.

“This is the 37th Annual Latino Film Festival—it’s the longest running one in the United States. We’re going to be running for eight days."

Several films are screened each night of CineFestival.

"We’ve got about 35 films this year from the US and Mexico. Documentaries, narrative films and short films.”

I asked  "Are there any nights you’d describe as just must-come nights?"

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center will host its traditional holiday festival soon.  It’s called Hecho a Mano, and for a good reason. Everything there is...

“Made by hand.”

That’s Haydee Munoz from the Guadalupe. And yes, everything’s made by hand.

“Hecho a Mano is a three-day festival that offers fine art and handicraft artisan items by local and general artists. It’s a mixture between crafts, fine artists, we have jewelry designers, we have wood carving, we have a little bit of everything.”

Blanca Obregón

A music and dance performance returns to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on Friday.  It's called "Rio Bravo" and it was created and first performed in San Antonio twenty years ago.

“It brings to life dance and music on both sides of the Texas/Mexico border... from very primitive dance to present day Tejano, and everything in between," says Belinda Menchaca, program manager at the Guadalupe.

Map created by the Texas Primary Care Office

Fronteras: There's a critical shortage of mental health care workers in Texas, and the problem is especially apparent in the borderlands. The Texas Democratic Party chair speaks about the party's top candidates, its platform and more as the convention arrives this weekend. For San Antonio artist Cruz Ortiz, culture is everything. He speaks about the inspiration for his Tex-Mex artwork and new exhibit at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.