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Extensive damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria will cost billions of dollars to rebuild the Caribbean islands. 

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Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros was the keynote speaker at a Hispanic Heritage Celebration at Fort Sam Houston Friday. He spoke about the close relationship between the Latino community and the future of the United States. 

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San Antonio’s airport director told city council members Wednesday that a net 300,000 passengers who used to fly out of the San Antonio International Airport are now driving to Austin for flights.

It’s another bit of data that adds fuel to concerns that San Antonio’s airport may have lost its competitive edge to Austin. 

As part of our project, Growing Pains, Texas Public Radio continues our report on the San Antonio Airport, with the results of what an analyst found when we asked him to compare its ticket prices with that of other cities. 

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

The U.S. Census Bureau recently named San Antonio as one of the 10 fastest growing, big cities in the country.  Area planners estimate one million more people will move to Bexar County in the next 25 years.

Texas Public Radio will be taking a deeper look at the opportunities and hurdles that come with that growth in our project, “Growing Pains.”

We begin by looking at whether San Antonio International Airport is competitive enough to help attract the cutting-edge businesses area leaders would like to attract.

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 Some energy companies and top Texas officials are threatening court action to block President Obama’s plan for deeper cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. Opponents of the cuts say they will be so costly companies will have to eliminate jobs.

The policy clash comes as San Antonio’s Henry Cisneros and other national business leaders are highlighting research that warns of deeper economic costs if the current level of greenhouse emissions continue.