Actor Richard Gere has long been involved in issues of homelessness. In his new film, “Time Out of Mind,” the issue is front and center.

Gere plays George Hammond, a man living on the streets of New York, occasionally connecting with others, but more often existing on the margins.

David Martin Davies

This is the time of year for a back-to-school shopping spree. Young students gear up with new clothes and a backpack full of the pencils, pens, paper and gizmos needed to succeed. But for the homeless children of Texas, being able to walk into a classroom on that first day – and eventually graduate – is just a dream. There are people and programs in the state, however, that are working to make those dreams come true.

David Martin Davies

There continues to be tension between the City of San Antonio and the community of non-profits that strive to serve the homeless and hungry in the city.

Last night was a Tuesday Night and that means if you want to find Chef Joan Cheever and her non-profit Chow Train head over to Maverick Park.

Tonight on the menu:

“Chicken gumbo and sausage over rice with grilled okra – green beans with hollandaise sauce – a garden salad with roasted corn, goat cheese and beautiful tomatoes from the farmer’s market and ice cold watermelon,” Cheever said.

More than 150,000 U.S. families are homeless each year. The number has been going down, in part because of a program known as rapid rehousing, which quickly moves families out of shelters and into homes.

But new research by the Obama administration finds that for many families, rapid rehousing is only a temporary fix.

When Feeding The Homeless Runs Afoul Of The Law

Jun 13, 2015

Every Tuesday night, Joan Cheever hits the streets of San Antonio to feed the homeless. In a decade, she's rarely missed a night. But on a recent, windy Tuesday, something new happens.

The police show up.

"He says we have to have a permit," Cheever says. "We have a permit. We are a licensed nonprofit food truck."

Cheever runs a nonprofit called the Chow Train. Her food truck is licensed by the city. On this night, she has loaded the back of a pickup with catering equipment and hot meals and driven to San Antonio's Maverick Park, near a noisy downtown highway.