It probably won't surprise you that there's a growing polarization among Americans over how to deal with several immigration policy proposals.

Whether it's Donald Trump's idea for a massive border fence or the proposal to change the Constitution so that babies of unauthorized residents aren't automatically made citizens, Republicans and Democrats are hardening their views, according to a new national survey issued by the Washington, D.C.-based Pew Research Center.

It seems the entire world is wrestling with immigration emergencies today. And lest you think the Western Hemisphere's crisis is over, consider the look on Oscar Ortega's face.

He just got a WhatsApp message that made his eyes pop.

From Texas Standard:

Thousands of migrants continue to pour into Europe daily. Most are headed for Germany; the country leads the European Union in the number of migrants and refugees it has resettled.

America's Immigration Crisis, A Year Later

Sep 16, 2015

Remember the other migration crisis? The one on this continent last year? You might recall the busloads of children entering Murrieta, California, forced by protesters to turn around. It was part of a surge of unaccompanied minors taking the treacherous journey from Central America through Mexico to the U.S. border.

The numbers were already at a record high in 2013, and then last year, they almost doubled. The influx caused heated debates on national and local levels over what to do with the children. And then the topic dropped from the headlines.

Up to half a million Central Americans cross through Mexico to reach the United States every year. The trek has always been dangerous, and since Mexico began cracking down on migrants last year, the risks have increased. But Central American migrants are increasingly joined by migrants from farther afield – places like Bangladesh, Nepal, Somalia and Ghana.

Last year, 700 Africans were detained by Mexican immigration authorities, and that number is expect to go up this year. For them, reaching Mexico is almost a dream come true. Conrad Fox has our report.