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The City of San Antonio is making strides to address high-speed internet and the big gap in who has internet access and who doesn't, commonly called the digital divide.

Housing and Urban Development

A program announced Wednesday by President Obama and HUD Secretary Julian Castro aims to expand broadband Internet in San Antonio and low-income residents in HUD housing could benefit.

The White House calls it ConnectHome and San Antonio is one of 27 cities on the list to bridge the digital divide.   “The Internet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” President Obama told a high school crowd in Durant Oklahoma. “You cannot connect with today’s economy without access to the Internet.”

Boys like Facebook, girls like Instagram. Wealthier kids Snapchat. Lower income kids Facebook. And somehow Google+ is still relevant.

So says the Pew Research Center's latest study, "Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015," in which we officially learn that teenagers spend as much time online as adults think they do:

  • 92 percent of teens report going online daily.
  • 24 percent say they go online "almost constantly."
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Profiteering tech giants are mining your information and using it to sell you more stuff.

The government is watching your online activity and storing it for what use, we don't know. 

Bob Scheer thinks both are dangers to democracy. The journalist and founder of says silencing dissent is one possible danger from the mass collection of all our data.

His new book "They Know Everything About You" wants readers, especially Millennials, to wake up to the fact that privacy is important and shouldn't be sacrificed for the ease of shopping online.

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Last week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for regulating broadband access like a utility, some of the strongest regulations possible for the industry.