John Cornyn

Cruz, Cornyn Try to Deliver Five New Federal Judges for Texas

Sep 7, 2016
The Texas Tribune

A U.S. Senate committee on Wednesday could help Texas’ federal court system begin tunneling out of a years-long logjam created as several benches in the state have sat vacant for years.


Simulated rifle rounds echo out as police officers storm a room, take down a gunman, and then turn their attention to the actors sprawled on the floor, covered in fake blood.

This is an active shooter simulation at Texas State University’s Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center—or ALERRT—in San Marcos. U.S. Senator from Texas John Cornyn is seated in the front row, observing the scene.

“The need for this sort of training has gotten even greater,” Cornyn says.

Ryan E. Poppe

Sen. John Cornyn has proposed legislation that would allow some non-violent drug offenders to be considered for sentences lower than the federal mandatory sentences.  

Ryan E. Poppe / Texas Public Radio


Cornyn said the next Supreme Court appointment will fill a big hole left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia for a generation and Judge Merrick Garland will not be receiving a senate hearing.

Ryan E. Poppe

Texas Senator John Cornyn joined a coalition of lawmakers in Congress in support of the State’s 2013 abortion law, which the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear in March.  

In November, Supreme Court justices agreed to take a lawsuit challenging Texas’ 2013 abortion law and ever since, support from both sides has come pouring into the high court.