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Texas towns are proud of their holiday displays and Kerrville is no exception. A local freethinking group's request to hang a banner at the Kerr County Courthouse has been voted on and denied twice this year by the Commissioner's Court.

The banner, which celebrates the Winter Solstice and depicts the Founding Fathers in a nativity-like scene, is contested among community members because some consider it a mockery of the Christian faith. 

City of Kerrville

Kerrville City Councilman Gary Stork and his wife, Peggy, were found dead in their home Saturday night.  Each had gunshot wounds to their heads. The case is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide.

A firearm was recovered at the scene and autopsies on both victims are being conducted today (Monday.)

Councilman Stork was a suspect in an indecency with a child case over a July 4, 2016 incident. The case is still scheduled to be presented to the grand jury on Tuesday.

Kerrville City Manager Todd Parton says Stork was lively and energetic.  

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UPDATE:Residents in the Kerrville area tell TPR Internet and phone service have been restored. ORIGINAL STORY: Residents in the Kerrville and parts of Kerr County have spent most of the day without phone service, including access to 911.  Internet service is also out.  City officials say the outage was caused by a  fiber line that was cut this morning.  They're also reporting spotty cell phone service. Without the communications systems many banks closed early today. Officials say that if you need emergency services and a call to 911 doesn't go through you should call 830-792-2730.

Merri Lu Park

The Kerrville Folk Festival is one of the biggest and longest-running folk festivals in the nation and Dalis Allen has been there for most of them.

"It’s really more than a festival; it’s a phenomenon," Allen said.

Allen produces the festival at the Quiet Valley Ranch, where extensive campgrounds allow people to pitch tents and play their own campfire music after the night’s stage performances are done.

“It’s so much more than just sitting and listening to music," said Allen. "It’s quite a community in and of itself.”

Neale Eckstein

Rod Kennedy, who died early yesterday, was a giant, but a behind-the-scenes giant. I spoke to Kerrville Folk Festival Producer Dalis Allen.

“His passion led him to create what we now know as the Kerrville Folk Festival, which is in its 43rd year," Allen said. “He just understood that the artists that write their own songs didn’t have a whole lot of support and acknowledgement and encouragement.”