Latin America

Courtesy Cuarteto Latinoamericano

What? Only thirty? Yeah, I get it. This is KPAC’s 30th anniversary year. Happy Birthday KPAC! When I first began presenting the program we know now as "Itinerarios," I felt I had enough material to keep the show going a year, or maybe two. However, it has been a decade of discovery for me as I have done almost constant detective work to find more and better recordings for the show. I am both surprised and exasperated by the experience.

San Antonio small business owners and new entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone. UTSA’s Small Business Development Center works with 35,000 businesses each year, and has now realized an important step in creating a network of trading partners up and down the Western Hemisphere.

According to Bob McKinley, UTSA’s associate vice-president of economic development, San Antonio’s Small Business Development Center sees new opportunities for their clients to go global in Latin America.