Forget what you know about who invented the telephone. It is far more nuanced than Alexander Graham Bell calling for Dr. Watson. What got Bell into the history books was as much about his intellect as his and his lawyers driving out competitors through an unprecedented crusade using the U.S. patent sytsem.

The battles are detailed in the book Invented by Law: Alexander Graham Bell and the Patent that Changed America.

Ryan E. Poppe

A Catholic-supported group has been able to raise enough private funds to have a Nativity scene on display inside the Texas State Capitol, the week before Christmas. And the Texas Nativity Scene Project, the group that put this together, said the presence of the manger scene in the Capitol building is a win for those trying to keep the “Christ in Christmas.”

Should the state of Texas provide stated additional legal protection for an individual’s right to religious freedom when it concerns counties, municipalities or even homeowners’ associations?   One state lawmaker thinks it does, and has authored a potential constitutional amendment ahead of the 2015 session, a clause that would protect anyone wanting to make a public expression of their religious beliefs.

Jennifer Parr

The state’s highest criminal court will soon decide on whether a Texas law, banning the desecration of the flag, is constitutional. The attorneys for defendant Terrance Johnson, who said his right to despoil the flag was protected under the First Amendment, have said freedom of speech and expression should not be contingent on the method used to destroy a flag.

Some lawmakers at the state Capitol are taking time out of their schedules to let Texas school districts know students, teachers and school administrators are protected by the Attorney General’s Office this Christmas season.