The Source - August 20, 2014
12:20 pm
Wed August 20, 2014

The Source: Is It Time To Reform Sex Offender Laws?

More than 80,000 Texans are registered sex offenders. The crimes range from the violent and truly heinous to the nonviolent and sometimes absurd.

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Texas Politics
10:12 am
Tue August 19, 2014

Perry's Legal Team Says Indictment Violates Governor's Right To Free Speech


Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s legal team said the governor’s 2013 announcement and veto of the state public integrity unit budget was the governor’s right to free speech and his desire to be transparent about his intended plans. Perry's attorneys say the court will see that the governor’s words did not constitute a threat.

In downtown Austin on Monday, just a few blocks from the state capitol, Houston attorney Tony Buzbee announced that he is Perry’s lead counsel on the case and then called the indictment "Banana Republic politics." 

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Abortion In Texas
3:17 pm
Wed August 13, 2014

Judge In Second Abortion Trial Focusing On Undue Burden

Protesters were a regular site in the state capitol in Austin in July 2013, when Texas lawmakers ultimately passed new restrictions for clinics that perform abortions.
Ryan Poppe TPR News

The second lawsuit challenging the ambulatory-surgical center requirement of Texas’ Abortion Law has wrapped up.

Austin Federal District Judge Lee Yeakel emphasized what was the definition of undue burden during closing arguments. Yeakel focused on what constitutes as an undue burden as it pertains to a lawsuit. 

Yeakel stressed that in no other situation would the State of Texas pass a similar requirement for anyone being treated for minor medical procedures such as a sprained ankle.

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Border & Immigration
11:13 am
Tue August 12, 2014

St. Mary's And Univision Offering Free Legal Help For DACA Applicants This week

Young people seek information at the first San Antonio workshop at UTSA after the DACA executive order was issued in 2012.
Credit Eileen Pace / TPR News


Texas DACA day is coming up this week, and local organizations are offering events as part of a statewide effort to help DACA-eligible youth and families sign up for the program.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order in 2012 allows young people without documentation to continue to live in the U.S. while they go to school, graduate college, and go on to work.

Adriane Meneses with St. Mary’s School of Law said young people continue to come to her office to get help with the application process.

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The Source - August 11, 2014
5:20 pm
Mon August 11, 2014

The Source: Doctors And Execution

The Source - August 5, 2014
6:40 pm
Tue August 5, 2014

The Source: Collaborative Divorce

Abortion In Texas
5:11 pm
Mon August 4, 2014

Hundreds Protest Outside Texas Abortion Law Hearing

Outside federal courthouse in Austin at the start of the second House Bill 2 lawsuit.
Ryan E. Poppe TPR News

While attorneys argued the merits of the ambulatory surgical standard of House Bill 2, the new Texas abortion law, protestors on both sides of the issue rallied outside the federal courthouse in Austin.

Anti-abortion rights groups in blue shirts sang church hymns and prayed while abortion-rights groups chanted and carried signs around the perimeter of the building.

Members with the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride carried the pictures of women they say died as a result of being denied access to an abortion.

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Abortion In Texas
12:59 pm
Mon August 4, 2014

Oral Arguments Begin In Second Challenge To Texas Abortion Law HB2

Attorneys for abortion-rights groups and the Texas attorney general’s office are in court today to argue the constitutionality of another component of Texas' controversial abortion law, House Bill 2.  

The first challenge to the law addressed the constitutionality of requiring doctors at clinics performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. That lawsuit is still at federal appellate court pending appeal. The second challenge is of the ambulatory surgical center requirements for facilities that perform abortions.

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Same-Sex Marriage
4:47 pm
Wed July 30, 2014

Abbott Restores Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage With Federal Appellate Brief

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has revived his fight against same-sex marriage when told a panel of judges at the US 5th Circuit court that marriage should only exist between those who can produce life.  

In his brief submitted to the federal appeals court, Abbott reasons that the law was intended to protect children by promoting traditional marriage between men and women who procreate.

San Antonio attorney Neel Lane, who represents two same-sex couples fighting to have that ban on same-sex marriage removed.

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The Source - July 30, 2014
11:59 am
Wed July 30, 2014

The Source: Is Amazon An Anti-Trust Case In Waiting?

Credit Matt Gibson / cc

Amazon is the big kid on the block of both online book selling and bookselling in general, controlling a large portion of the U.S. market.

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