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The state’s highest criminal court will soon decide on whether a Texas law, banning the desecration of the flag, is constitutional. The attorneys for defendant Terrance Johnson, who said his right to despoil the flag was protected under the First Amendment, have said freedom of speech and expression should not be contingent on the method used to destroy a flag.

Some lawmakers at the state Capitol are taking time out of their schedules to let Texas school districts know students, teachers and school administrators are protected by the Attorney General’s Office this Christmas season.

  Charles Manson, Charlie Chaplin, Frank Lloyd Wright and Chuck Berry: what do these men have in common?They were all charged with violating the Mann Act, also known at the White Slavery law. The progressive era law has been on the books for over one hundred years - and was used to build the FBI - enforce a moral code against sexual deviancy and promote gender roles for women.  The Mann Act was America’s first anti–sex trafficking law.

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Court documents unsealed Friday show Boeing Corporation paid $23 million to settle a lawsuit with the department of justice over allegations that for years it overbilled the government on aircraft maintenance at Kelly Airfield location here in San Antonio.

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Texas Prisons will be under the international microscope in an upcoming hearing before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, a part of the Organization of American States. For years, Texas prisons have been criticized for their lack of air conditioning. A year-long investigation by the University of Texas Law School's Human Rights Clinic found what they say are violations of human rights.