Kat Berrospe

A celebration of the arts called Luminaria will overtake parts of downtown Friday and Saturday.

courtesy Luminaria

Luminaria, which kicks off on Wednesday,  is four days of "enchantment and of fun. Some pretty mind-blowing projects," says Executive Director Kathy Armstrong.


Lights, cameras and something a little different in downtown San Antonio this weekend.

First for the lights--Luminaria is back.  Kathy Armstrong heads Luminaria.

"Friday night we are going to transform the San Antonio Museum of Art's campus. We are also going to have musicians and performances and visual art displayed all around the museum. We will also be in the auditorium with some film and poetry," she said.

Courtesy Photo

After severe rain forced the cancelation of many Luminaria 2015 performances in late October, event organizers have announced the rescheduling of its first performance. San Antonio’s indie art-rock band, Buttercup, and visual artist Chris Sauter, have teamed up for “Plato’s Drums.” 

Fred Gonzales


Luminaria--San Antonio’s long time celebration of the arts--is going through a rite of passage. That rite  is the first hiring of a full time Executive Director.  Kathy Armstrong has a long history with art—18 years at the Southwest School of Art, and time with Luminaria itself.

“In 2011 I was an invited curator, and then in 2013 I worked with Richard Rosen and Melissa Marlow as an Associate Artistic Director.”

I asked Ms. Armstrong what she likes most about Luminaria. She likes its scope.