VIA Metropolitan Transit

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

Saturday is an election day for a lot of area school districts and communities. A small turnout is expected to decide some pretty significant issues.

In Castle Hills voters will decide whether to keep VIA bus service, or whether to use the $500,000 generated by a half-cent sales tax on other needs.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

VIA Bus Service will be discontinued in the San Antonio suburb of Castle Hills if voters on Saturday approve eliminating VIA in their community.   At issue is how best to spend the $500,000 dollars in sales tax money now dedicated to mass transit.

Bill Fitzgibbons

The Via Transit folks have found an ingenious way of making sure you can find their downtown Centro Plaza bus terminal.  It's called the Centro Chroma Tower and Public Artist Bill FitzGibbons designed it.

"It's 85 feet tall. And it's illuminated at night with a computerized L-E-D light system, which allows you to see the structure both from I-10 and even from downtown buildings."

The 10-foot wide tower on Frio, between Travis and Houston Streets has a sophisticated lighting scheme.

Chris Eudaily / TPR News

Early voting begins Monday for a May 7 election that will decide whether Castle Hills keeps VIA bus service, and whether property owners in the Judson Independent School District are willing to pay more for their schools.

Louisa Jonas / Texas Public Radio

VIA Metropolitan Transit recently won a Texas Preservation Award for its restoration of Ellis Alley, which was the first settlement of freed slaves in San Antonio.